Beirut Disaster Response RPI rushes medical aid by local partner URDA to blast victims in Lebanon DONATE Education and Health Care RPI aids COVID-19 response by refugee-led partner MAPS for Syrian refugees in Lebanon Self-Reliance and Protection RPI partner Kids Paradise training Syrians in livelihoods, language, and access to public services in Turkey Documentation and Shelter RPI partner Basmeh and Zeitooneh informing Syrian refugees how to secure civil documentation and basic services in Turkey

  • Shelter Conditions

    We have partnered with remarkable refugee-led organizations to upgrade urban housing hosting internally displaced persons in Syria, subsidize housing rent for refugees who have fled to Turkey, and provide shelter materials and alternative heating fuel to thousands in Syria. Read more →

  • Protection and Self-Reliance

    Our jointly designed projects have facilitated refugee access to documentation, skills training, and basic services in Turkey and Lebanon, and provided pediatric psychosocial support and female training in first aid in Syria.Read more →

  • Education and Health

    Supported projects have educated refugee children in Lebanon, covered unmet medical needs and COVID-19 preparedness in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey, and rehabilitated a key underground pediatric hospital in Syria.Read more →

The Impact of Our Collaboration with Refugee-Led Partners



Quotes from our Supporting Partners


Our Refugee-Led Implementing Partners


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