• Protection and Self-Reliance

    Donate for Gaza aid on PayPal or GoFundMe. 75,000 internally displaced women & children in Gaza’s camps have received cooked meals, food rations, water or insecticide through RPI aid to long-time Middle East partner Kids Paradise & its Malak Fund. 12 community kitchens have been relocated from Rafah & consolidated in the ruins of Khan Younis in Al-Mawasi.  Since 2015, RPI has supported its refugee-led charity partners in the Middle East to aid half a million war-displaced Syrians & disaster victims of other nationalities across northern Syria, Lebanon & southern Turkey.  RPI staff & volunteers drive into Ukraine from Romania to deliver aid to displaced orphans, children with disabilities, shelters & hospitals. RPI sells refugee-made crafts produced through RPI-funded training programs with partners to expand humanitarian livelihoods for women & support to their children. Shop from RPI at Boston’s 2024 Greenway Artisan Market & Seaport Summer Market!

  • Health and Education

    In Ukraine, traveling RPI staff and Romanian volunteers have driven medical equipment & supplies to 7 medical institutions aiding war-affected civilians & supported Ukrainian-run newborn medical evacuations. Thanks to refugee-led implementing partners in Turkey and Iraq, RPI-supported programs fight acute malnutrition in northern Syria. In Syrian camps in Lebanon, refugee children are in non-formal primary schools run by refugee-led partner MAPS thanks to RPI’s shoppers of amigurumi crafts made by refugee mothers in a joint program. RPI has supported internal evacuations within Gaza through partner Kids Paradise. RPI is exploring possible support to mental health providers for civilians on both sides of the devastating Israel-Gaza war. After the 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquakes, RPI-supported medical care for 80,000 people through our Turkey-based refugee-led partners.

  • Shelter Conditions

    RPI has supported winterization shelter programs for displaced families in northern Syria’s informal camps since 2015 through refugee-led charities in Turkey. With these same charity partners, RPI-funded tents, blankets & insulation reached Turkish & Syrian survivors of the 2023 earthquakes. In Ukraine, traveling RPI staff and volunteers drive aid (generators, kitchen equipment, beds) to shelters for displaced civilians, subsidize rent for displaced orphans & foster parents & aid victims of war-damaged housing with community partners. Earlier RPI-aided projects in the Middle East included upgrading urban housing for IDPs & subsidizing rent for refugees. Thank you to our generous supporters & community-led partners for making these humanitarian efforts possible.

The Impact of Our Collaboration with Refugee-Led & Grassroots Partners



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Our Refugee-Led Implementing Partners
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