• Urban Housing

    RPI’s partners have upgraded housing in Aleppo’s suburbs, provided heaters, mattresses and more to evacuees, and distributed alternative heating fuel to thousands in southern Syria. Read more →

  • Documentation & Accompaniment

    RPI’s partner identifies and assists vulnerable Syrians in southern Turkey with accessing civil documentation and NGO services (medical, educational, and legal) Read more →

  • Emergency Protection Assistance

    RPI’s partners provide displaced Syrians with education, psychosocial assistance, relief items, and critical training in first aid and maternal and child health care. Read more →

Our Implementing Partners

Basmeh and Zeitooneh was launched in 2012, in Lebanon to fill the gaps in humanitarian and livelihoods assistance provided to Syrian refugees, with a particular focus on women and children. Basmeh and Zeitooneh has since expanded to operate within Sanliurfa, Turkey, and Aleppo and Idlib, Syria. Led by expatriate Syrian staff located in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan, this NGO has sound ties with the international humanitarian community.

Basmeh and Zeitooneh

Olive Branch has benefited thousands of internally displaced Syrians and local residents within the Daraa and Alqunaitera provinces of southern Syria since 2012 through its projects in education, humanitarian aid, development, and agriculture. The NGO has over 240 staff based primarily within Syria, and is led by Syrian expatriates in Turkey, Lebanon, and other host countries. Respected by the international humanitarian community, Olive Branch has unique access to this region of Syria and locally sources the majority of its project inputs.

Olive Branch

The Sustainable International Medical Relief Organization was established by a group of Syrian doctors in 2014. SIMRO supports long-term strategic medical relief projects in Syria. SIMRO recognized the need to move hospitals underground for greater safety during the armed conflict. In 2016, SIMRO began rehabilitating the underground floors of the Avicenna National Hospital in Idlib with international funding. SIMRO is partnering with RPI to complete the construction of the Women and Children’s Hospital in this facility and to support future staff training and operations. SIMRO is based in Turkey, where it is a registered NGO.

MAPS was set-up in 2013 by a Syrian neurosurgeon and initially operated under the wings of several non-profit entities in Lebanon before securing its own NGO status in early 2015. MAPS has provided over 400,000 Syrian refugees in Bekaa Valley and Aarsal with non-formal education, health care, continuing education, community service, and relief items. The NGO has 220 Syrian staff working on its education programs. MAPS is also registered in Germany and receives funding from several other aid agencies.

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