Urgent Appeal for Syria-Turkey Earthquake Response Over 21,000 earthquake survivors are being assisted in Turkey & Syria by RPI & community-led partners Olive Branch, Kids Paradise, HIA & others. RPI Aiding Ukraine's Children's & Maternity Hospitals Jan. 26, 2023: RPI staff in frontline Kherson delivering surgical & NICU equipment to damaged children's hospital a maternity hospital struck on Jan 24th. In the news: RPI in Kherson, Ukraine with aid Jan 26th: RPI delivers neonatal and surgical equipment to Kherson Regional Children's Clinical Hospital, shelled Jan 1st, with commuity partner Orlivka Logistic Center for Humanitarian Aid. 2-years on: Aiding Acutely Malnourished Syrian Kids Please donate to continue preventing and treating acute malnutrition in Syria's IDP camps with RPI & partners.

  • Health and Education

    Earthquake alert: Over 21,000 survivors in Syria and Turkey are being aided by RPI & Turkish-Syrian partners with medical, shelter & relief aid. This includes treatment at HIA health centers. In Ukraine, RPI staff & volunteers have delivered medical equipment and supplies to 6 children’s & maternity hospitals. RPI launched Ukrainian-run evacuations & supports partner-run community management of acute malnutrition in northern Syria and non-formal primary education for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

  • Protection and Self-Reliance

    Through its community-led partners, RPI’s earthquake program has distributed ready to eat meals and winter clothing to over 10,025 Turkish & Syrian survivors in southeast Turkey and northwest Syria. In Ukraine, RPI staff and volunteers drive cross-border relief aid to displaced orphans, children with disabilities, and community-run  evacuations and art therapy. RPI co-designs and supports self-reliance projects for displaced Syrian women and civil documentation support to their children. RPI sells refugee-made crafts to expand humanitarian cash-for-work and skills training.

  • Shelter Conditions

    RPI & refugee-led partners have assisted 2,167 earthquake survivors in Syria and Turkey with emergency shelter materials (tents, blankets). In Ukraine, RPI staff and volunteers drive aid to shelters for displaced civilians, subsidizes rent for displaced orphans in foster care, and aids victims of war-damaged housing with community partners. In northern Syria, RPI supports refugee-led partners to heat & insulate informal camps. RPI has co-designed projects upgrading urban housing for IDPs and subsidized rent for refugees.

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