• Protection and Self-Reliance

    Donate for Gaza aid on GoFundMe. Hot meals for displaced women and children in Rafah are made daily at 12 community kitchens supported by RPI & long-time Middle East partner Kids Paradise’s Malak Fund. Since 2015, RPI’s regional Syrian response supports refugee-led charity partners in Turkey & Lebanon to provide psychosocial, food, and livelihoods support to displaced Syrian women & children across the region. Food aid also went to Turkish quake survivors. In Ukraine, RPI staff & volunteers drive cross-border relief aid to displaced orphans, children with disabilities & community-run evacuations. RPI sells refugee-made crafts produced through RPI-funded training programs to expand humanitarian livelihoods & PSS support for women & children. Shop from RPI at Boston’s 2024 Greenway Artisan Market & Seaport Summer Market!

  • Health and Education

    RPI and KP are rolling out emergency aid to families in Gaza struggling to cover medical & other needs. RPI is keen to support mental health providers for women on both sides of the devastating Israel-Gaza war. In Ukraine, traveling RPI staff and Romanian volunteers have driven aid to 7 medical institutions aiding war-affected civilians & supported Ukrainian-run newborn medical evacuations. Thanks to refugee-led implementing partners in Turkey and Iraq, RPI-supported programs fight acute malnutrition in northern Syria. In Syrian camps in Lebanon, refugee children are in non-formal primary schools run by refugee-led partner MAPS thanks to RPI’s shoppers of amigurumi crafts made by refugee mothers in a joint program. After the Feb 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquakes, RPI-supported medical care for 80,000 people through our Turkey-based refugee-led partners.

  • Shelter Conditions

    RPI has supported winterization shelter programs for displaced families in northern Syria’s informal camps since 2015 through refugee-led charities in Turkey. With these same charity partners, RPI-funded tents, blankets & insulation reached Turkish & Syrian survivors of the 2023 earthquakes. In Ukraine, traveling RPI staff and volunteers drive aid (generators, kitchen equipment, beds) to shelters for displaced civilians, subsidize rent for displaced orphans & foster parents & aid victims of war-damaged housing with community partners. Earlier RPI-aided projects in the Middle East included upgrading urban housing for IDPs & subsidizing rent for refugees. Thank you to our generous supporters & community-led partners for making these humanitarian efforts possible.

The Impact of Our Collaboration with Refugee-Led & Grassroots Partners



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Our Refugee-Led Implementing Partners
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