Relief Items for Ukrainian Orphans, Children with Disabilities, and Displaced Persons

Project: Relief Items for Ukrainian Orphans, Children with Disabilities, and Displaced Persons 

Implemented by Refugee Protection International with Ukrainian Charities Orlivka Center for Humanitarian Assistance, Izmail State University for the Humanities, Chernivtsi Association of the Red Cross, and Happy Child Foundation


Project Summary: Refugee Protection International provides food aid, clothing, bed linens, blankets, hygiene materials and other relief items to Ukrainian orphans, vulnerable children and displaced persons. RPI makes regular cross-border deliveries to southern Ukraine, ships in-kind donations to our local charity partners in western Ukraine for distribution,  and procures vehicles to support deliveries in southeastern Ukraine during civilian evacuations. RPI has also delivered relief items to Ukrainian refugees being hosted in northern Romania.

Since the February 24, 2022 invasion, many women, children, and elderly have fled their homes with nothing more than a few minutes notice. Attempting to reach safety during narrow humanitarian corridors, they brought little with them.

Relief items are either purchased by RPI or generously donated by the American public and by Carolle’s Chic Boutique in Belmont, Massachusetts. This shop is one of 2 stores helping Refugee Protection International to sell refugee-made gifts produced in collaboration with RPI’s grassroots partners.

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