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Refugee Protection International
Refugee Protection International4 months ago
Donate for hot meals for Gaza’s children: RPI and Kids Paradise need your support for community volunteer Malak, a young woman displaced from Gaza city to Rafah, who is cooking and distributing hot meals to Rafah's internally displaced children. We must do more. 13,450 children and 9,000 women have lost their lives in Gaza, making the pain on both sides of this conflict unbearable. Please donate and continue calling for a ceasefire and release of all hostages. Together we can bring back hope and humanity. Your friends at

Donate & share this GoFundMe campaign benefiting RPI with long-time partner Kids Paradise & Gazan volunteer Malak Fada.
Refugee Protection International
Refugee Protection International8 months ago
The horrific attacks on Oct 7th and the collective punishment of Gaza are by definition inhumane. Just as there is no justification to abduct children and gang rape women, there is no justification for the indiscriminate bombardment and siege of Gaza and for the absolute failure to protect civilians. RPI calls for an urgent humanitarian ceasefire to allow aid agencies to assist civilians and for all parties to the war to protect civilians in line with International Humanitarian Law.

Protecting Gaza’s children and returning Israeli hostages must be prioritized. Justice for the women reportedly and inexplicably mutilated on Oct. 7th must be had in court; not at the expense of children’s lives. 40% of people killed in Gaza may be children and some two-thirds women and children (UN). To protect civilians in Israel and Gaza, we need an end to immoral war tactics that fuel vengeance and an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

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Refugee Protection International
Refugee Protection International1 year ago
RPI speaks with Belmont Journal News about its Ukraine relief work & partners on the Turkey-Syria earthquake response. Director Jennifer Hill & Ukrainian volunteer Iryna Piotrowska welcome the public to RPI's March 3rd charity concert.

Thank you to our event sponsors & to American Securities Foundation whose support was critical to launching our Ukraine relief program in March 2022, which many of you now assist.
Refugee Protection International
Belmont Journal: Fundraiser for Refugee Protection International
Jennifer Hill, founder of Refugee Protection International and Iryna Piotrowska of Belmont, originally from Ukraine, talk about the upcoming concert featurin...
Refugee Protection International
Refugee Protection International1 year ago
Tickets on sale for RPI’s Ukraine charity event on March 3rd in Belmont, MA!

Come and celebrate the lives saved in Ukraine 1 year on and support our relief efforts for those still in need.

View unseen video of civilians aided on the frontlines by RPI staff & partners. Ukrainian music performance to follow. Gifts on sale.

March 3rd, 6-8pm, Belmont Town Hall, Auditorium, 455 Concord Ave, Belmont, MA 02478. Thank you!
Refugee Protection International
Refugee Protection International1 year ago
Alert: RPI’s medical partner HIA has assisted 3,081 persons in earthquake affected northwest Syria in week 1 of the quake. Food & water has gone to Turkish and Syrian survivors in southeast Turkey & shelter support is being procured via RPI & onsite Turkish-Syrian partners Olive Branch & Kids Paradise.

Please donate to urgently scale these efforts at: To support a specific earthquake program use the project tab on Thank you to Genmab and MathWorks for their generous matching campaigns. HIA is also supported by the UN, with RPI filling urgent gaps.
Refugee Protection International
Refugee Protection International1 year ago
Earthquake Appeal: RPI’s refugee-led partners are aiding earthquake victims in southern Turkey & northern Syria, where 3 HIA partner-run health centers are receiving children pulled from the rubble. Please donate to Refugee Protection International to provide urgent emergency shelter, food & medical care:

RPI and long-term partners Olive Branch, Kids Paradise & others are mobilizing tents, insulation, heating, blankets, and bread for Aleppo & Idlib regions of Syria, and Gaziantep & Antakya in southeast Turkey for Turkish & Syrian victims. Since 2015, we have jointly aided nearly 1/2 million war-affected civilians. Your support for our earthquake response is critical.

Refugee Protection International is a US 501(c)(3) public charity. All donations are tax deductible per US law. MathWorks Inc will generously match employee donations to RPI's earthquake response. Thank you for aiding Turkey & northern Syria – a region already struggling with war, cholera, displacement, freezing rain, and damaged medical facilities. We are deeply grateful.
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