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January 20, 2020

Refugee Protection International is delighted to have been recognized as a grantee of the 2019 New England International Donors Giving Circle on Refugees. Thanks to their generosity and our dedicated individual supporters, we have co-designed and launched a self-reliance project for Syrian refugee women and children in southern Turkey in collaboration with our onsite partner. Kids Paradise, a refugee-led organization, will provide employment support and interim social support to some of the ... See more

December 3, 2019
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Support the defenseless this Giving Tuesday. Innocent children should not bear the brunt of war. And yet, they struggle to access life-saving services in displacement. With your gift we can support medications at a vital primary health clinic serving 5,115 women and children per month in war-torn Syria. This clinic is operated by our partner SIMRO, a non-governmental nonprofit registered in Turkey that is staffed by the bravest of Syrian doctors. In the past few months, we’ve funded ... See more

November 26, 2019
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Nearly 200 Syrian refugees join RPI in thanking its giving partners for contributing to an emergency shelter response in Arsal, Lebanon. With your generosity, we supported local nonprofit URDA in waterproofing replacement shelters in a temporary refugee settlement in this mountainous region. Having lost so much in war-torn Syria, refugees had suddenly found their makeshift shelters in Lebanon demolished or at risk thereof due to recent developments. You made it possible to assist them in line ... See more

October 1, 2019
Refugee Protection International - RPI - Home Page

October 1st is here and we need your help to reopen vital schools for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. RPI’s onsite partner, Multi Aid Programs, has refugee teachers ready to bring back meaning and hope to hundreds of children per school. Lacking documentation, funds for transportation, or space in public schools, these children have nowhere else to turn for an education. Please give what you can today. Children like Kawthar, pictured below, aspire to be surgeons so they can care for their ... See more

Working collaboratively to improve housing, protection, education and health care for refugees overseas and IDPs

August 7, 2019

In an alarming development, vulnerable refugees along the Lebanese border with Syria are witnessing the demolition of make-shift shelters with “semi-permanent structures,” often nothing more than plastic sheeting strewn over cement foundations or partial walls. Affected children in Arsal are falling ill from the resulting heat exposure and water pollution by demolition debris. Please join RPI in supporting its local NGO partner URDA to deliver immediate shelter assistance in line with ... See more

June 20, 2019
Refugee Protection International

Please join us on World Refugee Day to fund vital medicine supplies for mobile clinics and the only specialized Internal Medicine Hospital in Idlib, Syria. 3 million civilians, including 1 million children, are trapped amid escalating violence in the region, according to the UN. Your gift to RPI will assist our refugee-led nonprofit partner in Turkey, SIMRO, to deliver medications to hospital patients and IDPs in tented settlements, and to make referrals to the Avicenna Pediatric Hospital. Make ... See more

May 29, 2019

Thanks to our generous donors, RPI launched 4 projects this year with its refugee-led nonprofit partners, benefiting nearly 10,000 Syrian refugees and IDPs in the Middle East, bringing our total jointly assisted in this region to 36,150. MAPS, URDA, and Kids Paradise were supported this year in providing non-formal primary school education, birth registration support, flood response shelter improvements, and community campaigns. A special thank you to our latest giving partners: the Dunn Family ... See more

May 10, 2019
Urgent Flood Response in War-Torn Syria

For Mother’s Day, May 12th, give the gift of hope to Syrian refugee mothers and their children by donating to Refugee Protection International. Your gift will reach the most vulnerable families displaced by war and flooding, some of which you will meet in our newly released video with partner Kids Paradise.

With over 150,000 persons displaced by surging violence in the past 2 weeks alone, your contributions could not be more timely. Help us expand our support for refugee education, health ... See more

Syria needs you. Flooding has left tens of thousands of families in damaged tents, many displaced multiple times by fighting. Learn more about Refugee Protec...

March 12, 2019

RPI and URDA have launched a project to support Syrian birth registration in Lebanon, which facilitates refugee access to education and advanced health care. Having funded the project and contributed to its design, RPI is delighted that its local NGO partner has begun onsite implementation.

This project is made possible by our generous donors, including our latest giving partner: Plymouth Congregational Church.

الإغاثية توقع مذكرة تفاهم مع RPI وتطلق مشروع تسجيل مواليد اللاجئين السوريين في لبنان.
وقع اتحاد الجمعيات الإغاثيّة #URDA مذكرة تفاهم مع منظمة حماية اللاجئين الدولية #RPI تنص على التعاون في شتّى مجالات العمل الإنساني.هذا وتم إطلاق مشروع تسجيل مواليد اللاجئين السوريين في لبنان ... See more

January 29, 2019
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Thank you to Brown University, MathWorks Inc, and American Securities Foundation for their generous contributions! We are delighted to expand our support of medical, shelter, protection, and education interventions for displaced Syrians in collaboration with our local charity partners in Turkey and Lebanon.

January 17, 2019
Photos from Refugee Protection International's post

3,565 civilians living in tents without ground cover inside Syria have received area floor mats distributed by RPI’s implementing partner Olive Branch. Please donate today so RPI can work with Kids Paradise to support another 3,125 IDPs in flood-affected tents in northwestern Syria.

November 22, 2018

We wish to thank our incredible donors that have helped RPI and its implementing partners to deliver humanitarian aid to 24,880 Syrians in the Middle East. Through your generosity, we have also supported the rehabilitation of a medical facility with the infrastructural capacity to serve an estimated 56,412 civilians a year. We remain grateful for our partners on the ground who make this all possible.

October 29, 2018
Support Refugee Protection International, Inc by shopping at AmazonSmile.

Dear Friends, If you shop on now through November 2nd, Amazon will generously donate 5% (ten times its usual donation rate) of the price of your eligible purchases to Refugee Protection International. Please support our relief efforts by making your daily and holiday purchases on AmazonSmile. Thank you!

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to Refugee Protection International, Inc. Support us every time you shop.

October 4, 2018
Donate Now to Support Maternal and Pediatric Care in Syria

We are so proud of our relief partner SIMRO in Turkey for having completed the rehabilitation of the women, pediatrics, and training departments of the Avicenna Hospital in Syria in cooperation with RPI. We urgently invite donations to support the equipping and operation of Avicenna: the largest and safest underground hospital in Idlib. 2.9 million civilians, 1 million of which are children, reportedly live in Idlib and its surrounding areas. With ongoing violence have severly damaged or ... See more

October 4, 2018
Refugee Protection International

RPI launches a new shelter project for war-affected Syrians with Turkey-based grassroots partner Olive Branch. Thanks to its generous donors, this project will improve shelter conditions for 1,760 civilians displaced by fighting to informal settlements in north-western Syria. No child should sleep on the ground. Help us reach more families by donating today.

August 16, 2018

We are delighted that Refugee Protection International and its grassroots partner MAPS have been featured in the 2017 Giving Back Report by the American Securities Foundation. Extracts of the feature on our support of Syrian refugee education in Lebanon are attached.

“American Securities is pleased with the outcome of the project and continues to support RPI and MAPS in 2018 as they implement this and similar programs to help more refugees in Lebanon,” quoting Michael G. Fisch, Managing ... See more

June 21, 2018

On World Refugee Day, we reflected on the incredible resilience of refugees. Now we invite your support. Donate to RPI to improve refugee health care, housing, and education in the Middle East.

Enjoy this glimpse into the relief projects in Syria made possible by RPI's grassroots partners based out of Turkey.

June 5, 2018
Photos from Refugee Protection International's post

RPI and it’s Turkey-based humanitarian partner SIMRO are delighted that a container of maternal and pediatric medical equipment and simulators has arrived in Syria. A huge thank you to Albany Medical College, the University of Maryland, and Limbs & Things for their generous in-kind donations. We also thank NuDay Syria for their collaboration on ensuring that the equipment arrived safely overseas. Visit:

May 10, 2018
Non-Formal Education for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

This Mother’s Day celebrate refugee mothers by sharing our video with a woman dear to you and making a gift in her honor. Syrian mothers and teachers are doing all they can to educate their children in Lebanon and protect them from child labor and early marriage.

RPI is honored to facilitate this education program in partnership with Multi Aid Programs Support, which runs the program on the ground, and with the generosity of the American Securities Foundation.

Meet the inspirational Syrian refugee children determined to pursue a brighter future in Lebanon. By working with refugee-led implementing partners, such as ...

April 13, 2018

Chemical weapons, as allegedly used in Syria last weekend, cannot become the new normal. Terrified families were hiding from air attacks in overcrowded basements without water, toilets, or light. Gas sinks to the lowest levels. Please help RPI and its partners prepare to provide urgent relief to civilians displaced from Eastern Ghouta to other parts of Syria. Our world's children deserve better. Photo credit: Getty Images

February 21, 2018

We implore all parties to cease indiscriminate attacks on civilians and medical facilities in Eastern Ghouta, Syria. Over 60 children have reportedly been killed since Sunday alone. We are beyond worried for the well-being of nearly 400 scared children in this enclave that RPI and its local partner have assisted with psychosocial support and winter clothing. These children have witnessed so much pain in their short lives. Please spare them from more senseless suffering.

January 6, 2018
Refugee Protection International - RPI - Home Page

RPI is deeply saddened by the news that yet another maternity hospital was attacked in Idlib province. Since the start of the war, medical facilities in Syria have suffered over 485 attacks according to Physicians for Human Rights. Mothers and their vulnerable newborns, as well as the brave doctors who assist them, deserve safety. Please support RPI in helping its grassroots partner SIMRO move critical health care underground. The Avicenna Women and Children's Hospital being setting up by SIMRO ... See more

Urban housing, documentation and accompaniment, emergency protection assistance for displaced Syrians

December 31, 2017
Refugee Protection International - RPI - Home Page

There is still time to support RPI’s year-end appeal and bring the gift of education to thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Every donation helps. With your support, RPI will assist its grassroots partner, Multi Aid Programs, to continue a high quality non-formal education program, drawing on the Lebanese curriculum. 3,000 children, as well as their family members, depend on this program. Many of these children missed years of education due to the war. Help keep them in school by donating ... See more

December 29, 2017
Refugee Protection International - RPI - Home Page

Urgent Year-End Appeal by Refugee Protection International

As you gather with loved ones this holiday, please help RPI bring vital nutrition to infants and children affected by war in Eastern Ghouta. Time is running out in this Syrian enclave: some families now reportedly eat “animal fodder and garbage” and the UN estimates that child malnutrition rates are nearing 12%.

To support infant nutrition and other vital relief efforts by RPI and its dedicated grassroots partners in the Middle ... See more

Urban housing, documentation and accompaniment, emergency protection assistance for displaced Syrians

December 23, 2017

We are proud of the well-deserved recognition received by the head of our grassroots partner, the Sustainable International Medical Relief Organization. Well done Khaled Almilaji

So humbled and honoured !
The Meritorious Service Medal 🏅 for exceptional achievements, by her Excellency the Governor General of Canada and on behalf of her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth ll .
I missed my parents and sisters , i wished that you could be with me on this memorable day, and I share this honour with you all.
I share it with my wife and my daughter , my two moons ..
I share it with a group of my best friends, brothers and sisters : David , Jay , Mark , Judi , Dolores , Rula , ... See more

November 28, 2017
Refugee Protection International

This Giving Tuesday you can improve the life of a Syrian child displaced by war by making a US tax-deductible donation to Refugee Protection International. The first $5,000 will be matched.

• A $25 gift will help heat a child’s tent in Syria with eco-friendly fuel
• A $50 gift will help an infant whose mother is too malnourished to breastfeed in a besieged Syrian enclave
• A $75 gift will help a refugee afford complex medical care in Lebanon
• A $100 gift will help purchase a ... See more

October 18, 2017
Photos from Refugee Protection International's post

RPI is nearing the 2 year anniversary of a vital program that has assisted over 5,200 Syrian refugees in southern Turkey with grassroots implementing partner Basmeh and Zeitooneh. We need your support to keep this relief and self-reliance initiative running. Please consider donating at
to help more vulnerable refugees access both the documentation and basic service providers essential to legitimizing and supporting their stay in Turkey. Without this support, ... See more

August 7, 2017
Photos from Refugee Protection International's post

View the latest photos from our newly supported summer refugee education project in Lebanon run by our implementing partner, Multi Aid Programs (MAPS). RPI is delighted to partner with MAPS to enable 1,400 Syrian children in Aarsal and Bekaa Valley to attend non-formal bridging courses that will help make up for lost years of schooling during the war. Many of these children were not able to attend school in the previous academic year and are hoping to have a better chance at entering school ... See more

July 31, 2017

We are thrilled that over $205,000 has been raised this month to support the completion of the underground Avicenna Women and Children’s Hospital in Idlib, Syria through a crowdfunder on The Syria Campaign, as well as a supporter’s Facebook campaign for RPI and pledge. The construction of what will be the largest underground hospital in the Idlib province will be completed by RPI’s implementing partner, the Sustainable International Medical Relief Organization (SIMRO). Please donate ... See more

July 14, 2017
Photos from Refugee Protection International's post

RPI thanks its dear supporters who helped us raise over USD 30,000, including match, during our latest challenge, launched on the heels of a 100K matching challenge. With your heartwarming response, we are gearing up for a new round of projects with our Syrian nonprofit implementing partners in the Middle East. The children inside Syria, pictured below, and many other refugees across the region thank you from the bottom of their hearts. Visit us at:

July 5, 2017
Photos from Refugee Protection International's post

RPI is so pleased by the self-confidence and friendships formed among 180 children in besieged Eastern Ghouta, Syria following a psychosocial project implemented by RPI’s partner Aosus. With unfathomable anxiety from the war and loss of loved ones, children who refused to speak at the start of the project now have invaluable friendships and social-emotional skills to cope with their trauma. Help RPI and its partners continue such projects by donating at:

May 17, 2017
MAPs- Education Program in Lebanon

Thanks to Refugee Protection International for sponsoring Al Rahma Teaching Center in Barr Elias where around 300 Syrian students have access to non-formal education for the academic year 2016-2017.
#Education #NonFormalEducation #SyrianRefugees #Lebanon #Syria

كل الشكر لمنظمة حماية اللاجئين الدولية لدعمهم مركز الرحمة في بر الياس حيث يحصل 300 طالب سوري على فرصة التعليم غير الرسمي للعام ... See more

April 4, 2017
Photos from Refugee Protection International's post

RPI is launching a $15,000 matching challenge to expand urgent humanitarian projects for Syrian refugees. Join us in being resilient as the news from Syria worsens. Donations will anonymously be matched dollar-for-dollar to meet critical needs for education, documentation, shelter, and relief items. We are reaching 14,000 lives through our low cost refugee-led nonprofit partners in the Middle East. The images below, taken by the founder in Lebanon, remind us of the many other refugees we aim to ... See more

February 24, 2017
Multi Aid Programs - MAPS

Thank you to MAPS for facilitating RPI's visit to our jointly supported education project for Syrian refugees in Lebanon last week. We are moved by the results being achieved and by the positive outlook of the children.

Ms. @jennifer.v.zimmermann the Founder & Executive Director of Refugee Protection International visited MAPs educational & healthcare projects during her visit to Lebanon.
#Education #Syrian_Refugees #EPL #MAPs #RPI #Syria #Lebanon

February 3, 2017
Multi Aid Programs - MAPS

Great work by RPI's Syrian nonprofit partner MAPS in Lebanon. Our ability to support education and medical awareness for 1,095 Syrian refugees in Bekaa Valley is made possible by a significant contribution from American Securities Foundation. Pictured in this post by MAPS are some of the 300 students that we are proud of for making school a priority.

" Thanks a lot for Refugee Protection International (RPI) for supporting Al-Amal Teaching Center in Bar Elias, Awda Camp for Syrian refugees in Lebanon for four months in the academic year 2016-2017 "
#تعليم #لبنان #اللاجئون_السوريون #MAPS #education #Lebanon #SyrianRefugees

February 2, 2017

RPI extends a special thank you to American Securities Foundation and MathWorks, Inc for their generous donations this winter through our fiscal sponsor. We are incredibly grateful for their partnership.

December 31, 2016
Timeline Photos

Ring in the New Year with a gift to RPI! Nearly 12,000 Syrian refugees in the Middle East are experiencing the gifts of protection and self-reliance from RPI and its partners. Make your gift today at and be a part of our progress. Bring warmth to Aleppo evacuees and many others in Syria. Train women to help their communities. Give children the gift of education and psychosocial aid. These are the gifts that you can take credit for by partnering with us.

Photo Credit: ... See more

December 29, 2016
Photos from Refugee Protection International's post

Your support for RPI is assisting hundreds of Syrians, who were among the first evacuated from Eastern Aleppo to Idlib province, Syria. Help us do more by donating at With your overwhelming response to our last post, RPI’s partner is able to distribute kerosene heaters, blankets, mattresses, and plastic insulation sheets to evacuated families: mainly women and children. Many more need to be protected from the bitter cold, as photos from the evacuation make clear. ... See more

December 14, 2016
Timeline Photos

Syria needs you. With civilians desperate to flee the bombing in Aleppo, RPI and its partners are bracing for more refugees. Please give any donation you can, as we prepare to shelter more women and children crossing into southern Turkey and support their registration. Internally displaced persons are benefiting from housing upgraded by our partner on the outskirts of Aleppo. Thank you for your gifts on Giving Tuesday. Please stand with us and give again. We need not be bystanders to Aleppo's ... See more

November 29, 2016
Timeline Photos

This Giving Tuesday, a global day of charitable giving, consider donating to RPI and assisting Syrian refugees in the Middle East.

Your donation will enable RPI and its implementing partners to keep children off the war-torn streets of Syria and to help those who’ve crossed the border access urgent services. Visit our urban housing, documentation, and emergency protection programs at It is thanks to you that we have assisted nearly 9,000 displaced Syrians to date. ... See more



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