RPI at a Glance

Mission Statement

Refugee Protection International: Enabling Dignity in Urban Displacement


RPI’s mission is to partner with local NGOs and duty bearers to strengthen protection and self-reliance among urban refugees and internally displaced persons near conflict zones through interventions including, but not limited to, innovative housing solutions, civil and residency documentation, and emergency protection assistance.

RPI is currently targeting its support to displaced persons from Syria primarily in non-camp settings in the Middle East. RPI may respond to displacement crises in other regions as they arise.
RPI is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Greater Boston, USA. RPI helps donors assist more refugees per dollar donated. RPI co-designs and funds projects implemented by refugee-led nonprofits in the Middle East, in order to support local relief capacity in the region and improve aid efficiency. RPI uses a mobile monitoring and collaboration approach in lieu of stationing expats overseas to reduce overhead. In 2017, RPI was able to allocate 97% of its expenses to programming.

  • Urban Housing

    Support private shelter upgrades and alternative fuel distribution to IDPs within Syria, and rental subsidies for refugees in Turkey. Read more →

  • Documentation

    Support accompaniment of the vulnerable to provincial departments to access birth certificates, school registration, training, and health care… Read more →

  • Emergency Protection Assistance

    Support winter clothing and blanket distributions in Syria. Aid collective shelter for women and children and job training referrals in Turkey… Read more →


Credit: RPI, Gaziantep, Turkey

Why RPI?

RPI addresses an underserved population: urban refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). Over 50% of the global refugee population does not live in camps, and yet traditional humanitarian aid is often targeted and tailored to refugees in camps.

RPI focuses on gaps within program areas. Without access to adequate urban housing, accompaniment to obtain civil documentation and registration for basic government services, or emergency support, the most vulnerable urban refugees and IDPs are unprotected and prone to secondary displacement.

RPI aims for efficiency and access. By complementing the work of international NGOs and implementing partly through local NGOs, RPI will reduce costs and redirect savings toward direct services, support local capacity, and enhance access to hard-to-reach areas.

RPI pursues innovation and sustainability. Whether through enhancing the capacity of local NGOs, supporting refugee referrals to jobs and training, or engaging urban authorities and the private sector in exploring innovative approaches to aid, RPI and its local partners will continuously work to make relief more sustainable.

Geographical Areas of Interest to RPI

Southern Turkey
Northern Jordan
Iraq (Kurdistan Region of Iraq)
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