Medical Evacuation of Surrogate Babies from Ukraine

Project: Medical Evacuation of Surrogate Newborns from War-Stricken Kyiv, Ukraine

Co-Organized by Refugee Protection International and implemented with Ukrainian Medical Staff, Volunteers, Romanian Authorities, Parents & Legal Guardians


Project Summary: Six group medical evacuations of newborns from a surrogacy clinic in war-stricken Kyiv have succeeded since March 10, 2022 through Refugee Protection International’s collaboration with Ukrainian hospitals, Romanian authorities, former NATO KFOR contacts from Romania, and the foreign biological parents determined to hug their infants.

Moving these infants to safety has been urgent due to the violence and risk of infant formula running low. We thank Ukraine’s Dobrobut Medical Center and the Biotexcom Clinic who evacuate these infants to our partner Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital in Chernivtsi with RPI’s coordination support and funding. RPI’s Jennifer Hill has been in Ukraine and Romania to mobilize action and resources for evacuations. She continues to field calls from mothers needing evacuation support for their surrogate infants. Our hopes also go out to the brave surrogate mothers.

RPI also has a program to support the evacuation of Ukrainian children, women, and elderly from the war’s frontline areas in southern and southeastern Ukraine. Together we will help as many civilians as we can in this merciless war.

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