Where We Work

Where We Work

Restoring dignity in urban displacement with refugee-led partners

Refugee Protection International – RPI aids civilians in conflict-zones both through direct cross-border aid by traveling US staff and community-based volunteers (Romania to Ukraine, and aid to be sent from Egypt to Gaza/Israel), as well as by partnering with refugee-led aid groups and supporting their work financially, technically, and by shipping in-kinds humanitarian aid.

For war-affected civilians in Ukraine, RPI procures medical and relief aid in Romania and drives it into Ukraine for our partner Ukrainian hospitals, shelters, and community-based organizations.

For Gaza’s children, RPI is fundraising to partner with Kids Paradise and other community-based initiatives in the Middle East to purchase food aid and hygiene supplies in Egypt and send them into Gaza for hot meal preparation and distribution by community volunteers, with a focus on reaching children, pregnant and lactating women. One such community volunteer with KP is Marak Fada. RPI would also like to support mental health providers serving civilians affected by trauma on both sides of the ongoing conflict, as well as other professionals providing essential medical aid.

For civilians affected by the Syrian regional crisis, RPI co-designs, supports, and oversees humanitarian efforts implemented by its refugee-led/grassroots partner organizations who are registered charities in Turkey and Lebanon. RPI has done this since late 2015. RPI has also been supporting Turkish and Syrian earthquake victims with these same partners.

In the US, RPI sells refugee-made crafts from its overseas self-reliance training programs with partners in order to support displaced women with humanitarian cash-for work and to expand skills training.

Below is a list of project locations. We will continue to expand and address other crises in the world.

Locations of projects in Ukraine:

  • Kherson province (current)
  • Zaporizhzhia province (current)
  • Odesa province (current)
  • Mykolaiv province (current)
  • Chernivtsi province (current)
  • Kyiv province (past)
  • Kirovohrad province (past)

Location of projects in Syria (implemented by our local partners in Turkey):

  • Aleppo province (current)
  • Idlib province (current)
  • Eastern Ghouta (past)
  • Daraa province (past)

Locations of projects in southern Turkey:

  • Antakya (current)
  • Gaziantep (current)
  • Kahramanmaras (current)
  • Sanliurfa (past)

Location of projects in Lebanon:

  • Bekaa Valley – Central (current)
  • Bekaa Valley – Aarsal (current)
  • Shatila (past)
  • Tripoli (past)

Locations of projects being planned in Gaza/Israel

  • Rafah, Gaza (being planned via Egypt)
  • Central and northern Gaza (under planning, pending partner access)
  • Women survivors of trauma in Israel (under discussion, pending partners)

Locations of projects in Romania:

  • Preparedness activities in Romania support projects in Ukraine; some direct aid has gone to Ukrainian refugees in northern Romania

Shaded in grey = Countries we have projects in.

Credit: RPI adaptation of map from Google Maps
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