Coronavirus Response

Project: RPI Helps Local Partners Launch Rapid COVID-19 Response for Syrian Refugees in the Middle East

Planned Activities with Multi Aid Programs (MAPS) and RPI’s March 2020 Fundraising Appeal

Dear Friends of RPI,

Lebanon has declared a medical state of emergency over the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We are deeply concerned for Syrian refugees, many of which struggle with poor water and sanitation conditions and cannot afford skyrocketing prices for hygiene items. Even before the crisis, single refugee mothers earned as little as $49 a month in some parts of Lebanon. The elderly and persons with chronic health conditions are most at risk yet are often unable to pay for medical care. Health centers offering free or subsidized care to refugees are urgently in need of personal protective equipment.

This is why your support is so crucial. We are launching a community-led COVID-19 response with onsite partners such as Multi Aid Programs (MAPS) and, pending funding, the Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA). Your donations will fund the distribution of hygiene kits (sanitizer, soap, disposable surgical masks, disinfectant supplies) and preparedness information to vulnerable refugees in a manner compliant with social distancing. Your support will also equip frontline refugee health care workers and patients with N95 masks, disposable surgical masks, and antiseptic gel. In time, we aspire to assist our local partners in the region to launch additional infection prevention and control (IPC) and community protection activities in Lebanon, Turkey, and Syria.

Together we can make a difference. Families, such as the one pictured here, have had access to remarkable non-formal primary schools run by MAPS with RPI’s support: schools that are temporarily closed for safety. These communities rely overwhelmingly on MAPS as the key provider of affordable health care in their area. Other refugee communities have benefited from our collaboration with URDA on shelter and documentation support. In total, RPI and its refugee-led partner organizations have assisted over 46,060 refugees and IDPs in the Middle East. Your generosity makes this possible.

Please consider giving today to support our joint response to the Coronavirus. We know that this is asking a lot at a time when your own communities are affected by COVID-19.

It is in the toughest of times that reaching out to those less fortunate can be the most difficult, yet also the most beautiful act of unity.

Thank you for your compassion and support.


Jennifer Hill,

Founder & Executive Director, Refugee Protection International

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