Improving Temporary Shelter for Internally Displaced Ukrainians

Project: Improving Temporary Shelter for Internally Displaced Ukrainians

Implemented by Refugee Protection International with Ukrainian charity the Orlivka Center for Humanitarian Assistance, Izmail State University for the Humanities, and IDP Hostels


Project Summary: Refugee Protection International has visited 6 temporary accommodation shelters for displaced Ukrainian civilians. 5 of these shelters are located in southern, southeastern, and western Ukraine. RPI is preparing support for shelter upgrades to ensure minimum standards of living and to enable the shelters to accommodate more internally displaced persons.

Upgrades required include water main repairs, ovens, washing machines, toilet repairs, bunk beds, and AC units. A border reception tent in Ukraine temporarily hosts displaced women, children, and the elderly who arrive in the middle of the night and/or who require additional documentation before crossing the border by ferry into Romania.  This tent can fit up to 20 beds. IDP hostels in Zaporizhzhia require ovens and washing machines to better serve the large number of civilians who have fled Mariupol, Berdyansk, Melitopol and other newly occupied areas.

A university in southern Ukraine no longer has sufficient water pressure to reach the displaced families it is hosting on the 5th floor, meaning that toilets and sinks are not functioning. The 2 dormitory buildings host 255 IDPs, including 30 orphans, but have received requests from many more women and children wishing to flee eastern Ukraine’s Luhansk region if they can be accommodated. Water main repairs and bunk beds are urgently needed.

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