Improving Temporary Shelter for Internally Displaced Ukrainians

Project: Improving Temporary Shelter for Internally Displaced Ukrainians

Implemented by Refugee Protection International with Ukrainian non-profit organizations Happy Child Foundation and the Orlivka Center for Humanitarian Assistance (2022-2023)


Project Summary: After visiting 6 temporary accommodation shelters in Ukraine for displaced women and children, Refugee Protection International supported 4 of these shelters with upgrades (generators, ovens, dishwashing machines, beds, mattresses) through RPI’s cross-border aid deliveries and financial support. Together, these shelters were central hubs for thousands of women and children fleeing fighting in southern and southeastern Ukraine. RPI collaborated with Ukrainian charity partners Happy Child Foundation and the Orlivka Center for Logistic Humanitarian Assistance.

Since 2022, RPI has been directly purchasing shelter-related equipment in Romania with Romanian volunteers and traveling RPI staff delivering the equipment to Ukraine. An emergency cooling unit was delivered to border reception tent in Ukraine that temporarily hosts displaced women, children, and the elderly who arrive in the middle of the night and/or who require additional documentation before crossing the border by ferry into Romania.  This tent fits up to 20 beds and has been a vital resting point for people fleeing the war.

RPI has purchased bunk beds and mattresses in Romania and delivered them to Ukraine for 30 displaced orphans sheltering on the 1st floor of a university dormitory-turned-shelter. By the summer of 2022, the Izmail State University for Humanities in southern Ukraine was hosting 255 IDPs and receiving requests from more women and children wishing to flee south-eastern Ukraine. Yet they lacked beds and other supplies to accomodate more people. Due to overcapacity, water pressure was insufficient for displaced families on the 5th floor so toilets and sinks were not functioning. Water main repairs were also needed. RPI continues to support the 30+ orphans and their 6 displaced foster parents, who moved on from the ISUH, when the dormitories reopened for in-person learning (only possible in some areas of Ukraine. Elsewhere, such as in Zaporizhzhia city, students continue to learn remotely). Thankfully, the orphans were allowed to bring RPI’s beds with them, as they and their foster parents still cannot return to Luhansk, Ukraine, where their homes have been reportedly occupied by Russian soldiers.

In 2022-2023, RPI-funded ovens, generators, and dish washing machines were procured and delivered to 2 large IDP hostels in Zaporizhzhia city with Ukrainian charity partner Happy Child. This timely support helped these 2 schools-turned-shelters to better serve the thousands of civilians who had fled Mariupol, Berdyansk, Melitopol and other newly occupied areas.

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