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Extending aid to hard-to-reach areas

RPI works with and through local humanitarian partners to empower them, benefit from their knowledge of the local context, and overcome security barriers to accessing Syria.  RPI and its Syrian partners co-design projects that do not duplicate the work of other organizations. RPI contributes the experience of its founder and advisors with responding to urban displacement in armed conflicts in other regions. When implementing these projects, RPI’s partners in turn collaborate with other partners, such as the American Bar Association, IMC, and MSF.
RPI selects non-profit partners, with representation in Turkey and Lebanon, that are transparent, efficient, and impactful. Partners are chosen that are known to the international humanitarian community and accessible by safe wire transfer. RPI values neutrality and seeks to broaden its partnerships to this effect. RPI also conducts on-site monitoring of projects in Turkey and Lebanon and retains the right to engage third-party Syrian consultants to verify its partners’ monitoring reports on projects implemented within Syria. Below is a list of RPI’s current and former grassroots partners.

Olive Branch

Olive Branch has benefited thousands of internally displaced Syrians and local residents within the Daraa and Alqunaitera provinces of southern Syria since 2012 through its projects in education, humanitarian aid, development, and agriculture. The NGO has over 240 staff based primarily within Syria, and is led by Syrian expatriates in Turkey, Lebanon, and other host countries.

Basmeh and Zeitooneh

Basmeh and Zeitooneh was launched in Lebanon in 2012, to fill the gaps in humanitarian and livelihoods assistance provided to Syrian refugees, with a particular focus on women and children. Registered in Lebanon and Turkey, Basmeh and Zeitonneh operates within Lebanon, southern Turkey, and northern Syria. Led by expatriate Syrian staff located in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan, this NGO has sound ties with the international humanitarian community.


Multi Aid Programs (MAPS) was set-up in 2013 by a Syrian neurosurgeon and initially operated under the wings of several non-profit entities in Lebanon before securing its own NGO status in early 2015. MAPS has provided over 400,000 Syrian refugees in Bekaa Valley and Aarsal with non-formal education, health care, continuing education, community service, and relief items. The NGO has 220 Syrian staff working on its education programs. MAPS is registered in Lebanon, with a sister branch registered in Germany.


The Sustainable International Medical Relief Organization (SIMRO) was established by a group of Syrian doctors in late 2014. Registered as an NGO in Turkey, SIMRO engages in long-term strategic medical relief projects in Syria through medical training, medical care, and the provision of safe health care infrastructure. In partnership with the United Nations, SIMRO also implements health information management projects to support the aid community in conducting needs assessments and data analysis.

The Ulfah House

The Ulfah House initiative was led by a Syrian expatriate in Gaziantep, Turkey, to provide vital housing and livelihoods support to vulnerable women and children fleeing Syria. Widowed and orphaned, the families assisted by Ulfah House regained their dignity and sense of self-protection by accessing urban housing, external job training, and income generation opportunities both within the respected Ulfah House kitchen and through facilitated access to private sector employers.


Aosus is a grassroots NGO, which operated within the once besieged Syrian city of Douma, Eastern Ghouta, and its surrounding areas. Aosus has provided educational and recreational opportunities for children, relief items, and support for livelihoods.

Credit: RPI, Gaziantep, Turkey

Become a Supporting Partner

Consider joining our growing network of passionate institutional supporters. If you are a donor advised fund or foundation looking for a 501c3 charity that works together with overseas grassroots organizations, please reach out to us. If you are a business, engage your staff’s compassion through including RPI in an employee gift matching campaign. Inquire about our vision of facilitating refugee education for remote online work opportunities. If you have a common bond with our refuge work – e.g. housing, protection, education or health – we will make the association well-known. In-kind donations of medical equipment are always welcome.
RPI especially thanks the following generous supporters for their compassionate partnership: American Securities, The Syria Campaign of The Voices Project, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Brown University, MathWorks, IncFactSet Research, Albany Medical College, University of Maryland School of Nursing, Limbs & Things Inc, Network for Good, Iron Door Management, LLC, Pledgeling Foundation, Third Sector New England, PayPal Giving Fund, ESH Circus Arts, LLC, Salon at 10 Newbury, Allegro Photography, Green Chair Pictures, Persistence of Vision Films, Black Ink, Inc, Crush Boutique, BJs, Star Market, Stop & Shop, and the inspiring donor advised funds supporting our work through Fidelity Charitable, Essex County Community Foundation, and the Boston Foundation.

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